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 Patience, practical solutions to my problems were given 

 It was really difficult for me to talk to someone but the listener made it seem so easy. Thank you ❤️

 She or he just listen to me without making assumptions and judging me. She or he willing to listen and did not give me any advice that is harmful or hurting my feelings. Good listener if you don’t want to get judged or be put on the pedestal. 

Amazing personality…..just give it a try and you will get huge relief… believe me 

Good listener gave me some good consolation i really liked it it helped me a lot to come over my current situation thanks 

 Great listener, knows how to continue the conversation and talk you through about your issues you dealing with. Very caring and kind at the same time. Just an amazing human being 🙂 

Literally amazing from the start, never met such a caring listener who helped me with my issues and analyzed what I was saying to find a solution. AMAZINg 

 A great listener who validated me and was very level headed

 Keepgoing02 is a great listener. He/ She has patience to listen to my story and gives sound advice. My issue is a small one but nonetheless I appreciate Keepgoing02’s help. 

 it was a helpful chat , the listener helped to change my mood and made me feel calm 

after the conversation with this person, I felt a lot better. Very positive and completely nonjudgmental. I highly appreciate such genuine listeners

 Had a really sweet and simple chat. Exactly what I needed right now, just someone to let me talk for a while. Was really kind and gentle and very encouraging. 

 Only word comes to my mind.. thankyou..i felt loved and cared… 🤗 I really really appreciate it….My words feel short ….

Kind and listens patiently..feels like speaking to a friend

 Good listener tries their best to understand you and help you

 Really kind and sweet. Tries to help others no matter what .

You dont feel like your problems are small or stupid, you actually feel heard

Absolutely wonderful it was a space without guilt or judgement just acceptance and warmth

really really helpful and a good listener, never showed any signs of being annoyed or anything. So thanks a lot!! 🙂

was a patient and comforting listener. Made me feel so much better

He showed care to me and understand my situation well

Very helpful and made me feel safe and less bad about myself

loved it so much helpful and also supporting

he is patient and gives me hope every time I come up with a problem.. he is very positive

Really a great listener. Listened to me very patiently. Thank you very much for being helpful

Amazing listener, truly understands and practices the art of listening and allows safe space for sharing. Am glad to have found him here 🙂

Awesome listener. Really helped with my issues. Chat him up, the listener really cares about ur struggles 

They’re listening to me well, asking me questions and helping me open up

He is amazing listener🥇 Glad to speak with him☀️ Made my day ✨ God bless him and his family 💫

Very understanding and easy to talk to. Helped me work through the issue I was having. 

Amazing listener – they completely glowed throughout the conversation highlighting the dark paths like a gloworm in the storm ⛈️ thank you !!!!!!!!!! 

Helpful person with genuine intentions to help 

She/ He is the best listener that i have come across. Listens to you patiently and gave me a space to rant about almost everything. Thank you Friend. God bless you

Amazing. Sweet. Understanding. Help me see me. And made me feel so much better! 

 Attentive listener I appreciate the time Ive been given to talk 

There is a reason this listener has so many great reviews. This is a kind person who listens with care and compassion. Thank you!

 Chats immediately, really helpful as I felt really doubtful of myself and wanted to get things out my chest 

 Thanks to him I overcame my problems and now I know who I can be 

 Is a fantastic listener and I’m greatful to speak to this person 

 it was good i’m glad it listened what i had to say, isnt the person trying to help fault just mine being stubborn with myself 

 Doesn’t push anything just chats and let’s the conversation take it’s pace. 

 Patience, practical solutions to my problems were given 

 I felt nice to have someone listening so keenly to me 

 They listened to me and I felt comfortable talking to them 

 a great listener, doesn’t judge and give opinion and it makes me feel like i’m doing the right thing. 

 There nice and good at responding they feel like a friend who cares 

Amazing listener, truly understands and practices the art of listening and allows safe space for sharing. Am glad to have found him here 🙂